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We encourage kids to have fun out on the courts, in the gym, and in the pool. We offer recreational classes and competitive leagues, so there’s something for all ages and skill levels.

Encourage your kids to get out there and have some fun! Enroll your child in a recreational class or spur their competitive spirit by having them join a league. ClubSport is the place to keep your kid active and healthy.

Sports Programs

FitKids Classes

Fitness made fun! Kids 3-12 years old will be put through their paces by Kids World teachers.

Little Kicks Soccer

Little kicks, big fun! Offered in six-week sessions, this introductory gym soccer class teaches kids 2 ½-5 years old the fundamentals of the game, such as kicking, dribbling, and passing. Stop by the Activities Desk for a full list of dates, details, and registration.

Rock Climbing

Kids can experience the thrill of rock climbing on our rock wall. Monday through Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm, children ages four and up can learn the ins and outs of rock climbing from a trained belayer. Rock climbing is on a first-come, first-served basis. A harness and climbing shoes will be provided. Parental supervision is required.

Studio Dance

Dance is expression through motion. Kids ages 2-13 years will learn to express themselves through ballet, funk, hip hop, jazz, tap, and many other forms of dance. Best of all, they'll have a blast doing so! Other activities include a sampling of other kids programs at ClubSport. Studio Dance is offered in September and January.


Youth ages 4-12 years will be introduced to mixed martial arts through a combination of boxing, kickboxing, and grappling in a fun supportive environment. Students will learn the principles of respect, honor, and discipline while mastering basic martial art skills of movement, balance, and self-control combined with determination and hard work.

• Boxing offense and defense skills are keys to improving hand-eye coordination.
• Dynamic kickboxing movements create full body resilience.
• Grappling's fundamentals add balance and strength.

Youth Racquetball

Your child could be the next ClubSport-trained Junior National Racquetball Champion! Our highly-regarded and successful racquetball program is designed for players ages 7 and up who want to become true wallbangers. Regular youth clinics are offered twice a month. Supervised drop-in play time is offered for high school-aged players on Sunday evenings. In addition, ClubSport hosts two junior racquetball tournaments each year.

Junior Tennis College

It's fun to play tennis skillfully! Our team of USPTA-certified pros enjoy helping junior players improve their tennis game and play to the best of their ability. Our various programs and camps range from novice to advanced to instill comfort and confidence on the court to junior players of all skill levels.

Visit our Junior Tennis College section for a full list of lessons, programs, camps, and tournaments.

Swim Lessons

Your kids won’t want to get out of the pool at ClubSport. Our beautiful outdoor aquatics center — which also contains a children's splash and play pool — offers private and group swim lessons as well as recreational swim times.

Visit our ClubSport Swim section for a full list of lessons and programs.

ClubKid Plus | Preschool-Type Program for Ages 3-5

Now you can ease your pre-school children into a more structured group learning environment in time for kindergarten with this new program. Offered during mornings throughout the school year, ClubKid Plus takes place in a classroom setting with preschool qualified staff. Early drop-off in ClubKid is permitted. Parent must remain onsite at all times. The class plan includes phonics, writing, reading (90-mins), snack & structured free play time (30-mins), large and fine motor skills, plus fun with numbers (60-mins).

See the Activities Desk, x570 for schedules, fees, and registration. For more information contact Dina Weir, 925-225-2406.

Sign up for any of these programs at the Activities Desk or call (925) 463-2822 ext. 570.

Group Fitness

Complimentary group fitness classes exclusively for juniors 6-11 years old are offered weekly during after-school hours. Class selections may include Junior Strength and Conditioning, Junior Yoga, Junior Kickboxing, or U-Jam for Juniors, among others.


Our certified instructors offer a balanced selection of cardio, strength, classes that focus, not only on fitness but on having fun. While the goal is to keep kids fit, we do place an emphasis on group interaction with the instructor. Refer to the kids activity schedule or the group fitness schedule for Junior classes.



We also group fitness classes for teens 12-17 years old who have completed the complimentary TeenFit certification program. See the group fitness schedule for classes with the TeenFit TeenFit symbol.



For more information, visit the Activities Desk or call 925-463-2822 x570.


TeenFit Certification

For teens ages 12-17, this complimentary one-hour fitness orientation provides basic instruction on proper use of fitness equipment and common gym etiquette. This ensures a positive experience and the freedom to use the fitness center during non-prime time hours without parental supervision. Encourage your teen to make fitness a part of their routine by scheduling a TeenFit Certification session at the Activities Desk; first appointment times are available Wednesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 12pm.

For more information, visit the Activities Desk or call (925) 463-2822 x570.

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