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Group Training

Achieve maximum results together. Work out with a small group of motivated and supportive individuals led by a trainer that will get the most out of you.

Group training classes are fee-based. Members can sign up through Member Self-Service.

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Group Training Classes


Get warrior fit. Seventh-degree black belt Pedro Bernardy leads this traditional Okinawan Sorin-Ryu Karate class that will teach students to be confident and aware of their surroundings as they learn practical self-defense techniques. To sign up and for more information, contact Pedro Bernardy at (925) 942-6333 ext. 1.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30pm

Monthly: $90



Are you up for a total body challenge that will get ripped and lean? Personal trainer Baan Rashad leads this class that engages all muscle groups and encourages functional exercise by utilizing the individual's body weight as resistance. Resistance tools, bouts of cardio, and the Gravity system are all incorporated to deliver quick, efficient, and effective workouts. The class is limited to eight participants. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. To sign up and for more information, contact Baan Rashad at (925) 942-6333 ext. 8.

Monday / Wednesday / Sunday: 10:00am
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30pm



Push your limits with this high-energy functional circuit training class. Correctional exercise specialist Joey Levine leads this fast-paced class that features five circuits that may include body weight exercises, medicine balls, battle ropes, and other props. It's a fantastic workout that you'll want to repeat over and over again. All fitness levels are welcome. To sign up and for more information, contact Joey Levine at (925) 942-6333 ext. 3.

Tuesdays: 5:00am and 11:00am
Thursdays: 6:00am
Fridays: 11:00am

Single session: $25
Eight sessions per month: $150



Improve strength, flexibility, posture, and balance under the expert guidance of elite trainer Ann Affinito. True Balance Gravity is a full body circuit training session that includes cardio, core, strength, and stretch.  Experience a new challenge with every workout. To sign up and for more information, contact Ann Affinito at (925) 942-6333 ext. 2.

Tuesdays: 8:30am 
Thursdays: 8:30am

Single session: $40
Four sessions per month: $140
Eight sessions per month: $280



Use your body weight to build strength and muscle definition. This 45-minute body blast class with trainer Ellen Stevens uses the TRX to keep your body guessing, making this workout; equal parts tough and fun. Class size is limited to eight participants. To sign up and for more information, contact Ellen Stevens at (925) 942-6333 ext. 5.

Tuesdays: 5:30pm
Thursdays: 9:00am and 10:00am
Fridays: 8:00am and 9:00am

Single session: $20
Four sessions per month: $60


Strength School w/ Andre Farnell

Mindset and consistency are the keys to success. This 90-minute workshop/class is designed to give you the mental tools to start anew and sustain your fitness and nutrition journey. Each class begins with a 20-30 minute mindset discussion and is followed up with a 1hr bout of strength and conditioning. Come to learn the fundamentals of “Strength in Living” from Andre Farnell, a leading personal development/strength, and conditioning expert. Be prepared to take notes and come dressed to sweat and have some fun! To sign up and for more information or to reserve your spot in a free trial class, contact Andre Farnell.

Saturdays: 10:00am

Four sessions per month: $140


Cut to the Core

Cut to the Core is a dynamic small group training class focused on developing and defining the Core through a combination of cardio and core specific exercises. Bosu’s, kettlebells, TRX, rowers, dumbbells, gliders, battle ropes and other specialized training tools will all be utilized to attack your body.  Free trial classes offered to interested members. To sign up and for more information, contact Andy Brown.

Mondays: 5:30pm and 6:30pm
Thursdays: 6:30pm

Four sessions per month: $120


for Adults and Teens

Learn how to manage and live a healthy lifestyle with our results-driven, guided, progression-based, exercise and nutrition program that will prep you for a lifetime of wellness and fitness with sustainable, healthy choices. Click here to learn more.

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