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Try pilates and yoga classes at ClubSport Oregon.


Exhale. We offer over 20 yoga classes per week that fit your schedule, level, and mood. Our instructors can help you find out which yoga program is right for you.

Yoga Classes

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Gentle Yoga

Rejuvenate and heal your body as you fall into relaxation with this restful practice of yoga. Designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility, this class is perfect for students new to yoga or for those experiencing joint sensitivity, stiffness, or other forms of physical limitations.


Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga merge to create a dynamic hybrid that will help you release energy to open you up to a new sense of awareness.


True to its definition, Vinyasa offers a dynamic class with flowing series as a foundation. Move smoothly from asana to asana on the breath, with time for more challenging postures toward the end of class. Practitioners finish with a period of relaxation.

Vinyasa, Levels 2-3

A mind and body challenge for students of all levels, in this class you will explore traditional yoga sequences with an emphasis on linking breath to movement.

Yin Yoga

Explore various forms of restorative yoga with the added benefits of meditation and breath work. Yin Yoga helps you relax your muscles, release tension, and increase flexibility to find stillness in your body and mind.

Yoga Strength

Yoga Strength is a fusion of yoga modalities that relies on weights, cardio bursts, and standard yoga practices to strengthen and stretch your muscles.

Yoga, Levels 1-2

This ancient form of movement promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation through various postures and breathing techniques. A strong focus on alignment helps you learn the fundamentals of each pose while your breath serves as your guide. Props may be used.

Yoga, Level 2

Take your yoga practice a step further. Designed for more advanced students who already have a foundation of basic asana practice and pranayama, this class builds on the fundamental strength, balance, and self-awareness gained in earlier levels.


Build a lean, strong body with Pilates. Our certified Pilates instructors will guide you through this system of exercises designed to develop core strength, build flexibility, improve body awareness, and decrease the risk of injury. Choose from free Pilates mat classes or sign up for fee-based small group Pilates reformer classes. Small group sessions are held in studios and offer classical as well as advanced training on the equipment. Private lessons are also available.

See the group fitness schedule for free Pilates mat classes or the Pilates schedule for Pilates reformer class times and fees. Sign up for fee-based classes and private lessons at the Activities Desk or online through Member Self-Service.

For more information contact Marina Mitchell, Group Fitness Director at [email protected] or call 503-968-4518.

Private & Group Reformer Sessions


Offered in both Pilates reformer and mat formats, our Pilates group sessions will help you develop strength, flexibility, and core control for better body awareness, posture, and ease of movement. Each class is one hour long and is limited to 5-7 participants to ensure quality.


Private (one-on-one) sessions offer individualized attention to address your specific needs and goals at a pace that's comfortable to you.


Single session: $30/member
4-pack of sessions: $109/member
8-pack of sessions: $199/member
12-pack of sessions: $275/member


Single session: $62/member
5-pack of sessions: $285/member
10-pack of sessions: $545/member
20-pack of sessions: $1,035/member

New Members Pilates Fast Track class (free) is required for participation in group sessions.
A 24-hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced for Pilates sessions.
A minimum of three participants are required for group sessions or classes may be cancelled.
Students must be assessed by an instructor in 1-3 private sessions before joining group reformer sessions.

Your Body on Namaste

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