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The Edge

Be faster, be stronger, and go farther. The EDGE Performance Training Center is an exclusive 4,000-sq.-ft. training area that features hard-driving classes and fitness programs for youths and adults. Build speed, power, agility, coordination, and flexibility to push past athletic barriers and gain the edge over your competition!

Training at The EDGE

Training classes and programs at The EDGE help athletes improve physical performance no matter their age or fitness level.

Unlimited Classes

$150 per month*

*Unlimited pricing excludes REV32. See program descriptions for pricing info.


EDGE Resistance is group strength training re-imagined. Learn foundational movements to build a strong base, then add in weight training, three-dimensional movement patterns, and intense cardio work for a total body challenge guaranteed to improve fitness and performance. Coaches individually tailor the level of intensity to ensure every team member gets a tough and efficient workout.


Senior EDGE

Senior EDGE promotes mobility, strength, and conditioning for those who want to move better and feel better without the intensity and heavy lifting that EDGE Resistance provides. Workouts focus on proper form, mobility, cardiovascular health, and pain-free movement. They are designed to meet the needs of our older members or those just looking to move better.



REV32 isn't your typical cut-and-paste weight loss program. Our trainers tailor a fitness and nutrition plan based on your specific needs and lifestyle. Designed to optimize metabolism, burn fat, and increase lean muscle mass, you'll exercise in a small group setting to draw motivation from others as everyone works towards a similar goal. Learn More

Full REV32 Program (32 Sessions)
Member: $1,299
Non-member: $1,499

Push Yourself

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