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Join the swim club or learn to swim at ClubSport in Fremont.

Dive into the fun! Our aquatic center includes lap pools, an exercise pool, and a children's wading pool. We offer private and group swim lessons as well as designated times for recreational and lap swimming.

Our junior swim programs are ideal for kids of all levels, from the novice swimmer to the accomplished competitor. Gain peace of mind knowing that your child has the skills necessary for a safe water experience and help them build a strong fitness base for any sport as they grow stronger, fitter, and more confident through swimming.

ClubSport Swim School

ClubSport Swim School offers progression-based small group lesson packages during the spring, summer, and fall. Lessons are 30 minutes each. Class levels are separated by proficiency and age.

Swimmers receive a detailed progress report at the end of each session. We recommend that swimmers repeat each level once or twice to achieve full proficiency. At that point, the swimmer will receive a ribbon to pass to the next level.

For more information, visit the Activities Desk or contact Aquatics Director Mark Carter.


PARENT IN WATER ASSISTING (6:1) — A parent joins their child in the water to help them feel comfortable and happy as they learn the most basic water skills, such as assisted back floats, tummy floats, submersion in the water, and glides to the wall. Both parent and child will learn important safety skills.


FUNDAMENTAL WATER SKILLS (3:1) — The child can swim independently, is comfortable in a back-float position, and has the social skills needed to work away from their parent. They will learn to maintain a comfortable head-down swim, work towards an independent back glide, and learn to streamline and kick.


STROKE DEVELOPMENT (4:1) — For the child learning to swim for the very first time, this class will help them learn to float independently in a relaxed state and will also learn the proper streamline position. The swimmer will have developed a high level of comfort in the water by the time they complete this level.


STROKE EXECUTION — A child in this class is comfortable in the water and can swim a short distance unassisted (to the instructor and back to the wall) in a relaxed state. They will learn to swim freestyle, develop good streamlining skills, and start to develop a good backstroke kick.


BACKSTROKE DEVELOPMENT — Techniques such as streamline, proper exhalation, a propulsive kick, and proper feel of the water are the focus in this level. The child will learn new skills, including side breathing and arms for the backstroke.


INTRO TO BUTTERFLY AND BACKSTROKE — Strong emphasis is placed on learning the correct arms and legs for each stroke to perfection. The child will learn elementary backstroke legs and the full elementary backstroke, using both arms and legs correctly.


BACKSTROKE AND BUTTERFLY STROKE EXECUTION (4:1) — A child entering this level has mastered a comfortable, relaxed freestyle swim and is familiar with unassisted backstroke. In this class, the swimmer is expected to master side breathing and is introduced to breathing to the non-preferred side. They will learn butterfly and backstroke progression, a beginning somersault, and a sit-down dive.


FINAL LEVEL (4:1) — A child entering this level has mastered a comfortable and relaxed freestyle swim, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke, is headed towards the Swim Team, and is fine-tuning their techniques. In this class, the swimmer will be introduced to more advanced breathing in all strokes.



Session 1: September 10-26
Session 2: October 1-17

Session 1: September 4-20​
Session 2: September 25-October 11

6 Lessons - Preferred: $90, Standard: $105, Guest: $120
12 Lessons - Preferred: $145, Standard: $180, Guest: $220


Session 1: September 8-29
Session 2: October 6-27

Session 1: September 9-30
Session 2: October 7-28

4 Lessons - Preferred: $60, Standard: $70, Guest: $80
8 Lessons - Preferred: $115, Standard: $135, Guest: $155

Private Swim Lessons

Private (one-to-one) lessons with professional instructors are offered for children and adults. These personalized 30-minute lessons provide specialized instruction to help the student progress and achieve personal swim goals. Contact the Activities Desk for instructor availability and to schedule an appointment.

For more information, visit the Concierge Desk or contact Aquatics Director Mark Carter at (510) 226-8500 ext. 520.

Private Swim Lessons Pricing


Preferred: $140 per person
Standard: $160 per person
Guest: $185 per person


Preferred: $265 per person
Standard: $310 per person
Guest: $360 per person


Flying Fish USS Swim Team

ClubSport’s year-round recreational swim team, the Flying Fish, is indicated for competitive swimmers 7-18 years old, who are looking for a fun environment in which they can learn and improve stroke development, swim technique, and social interaction while building a life-long positive attitude toward the sport.

Tryouts are held year round and usually last 15 – 30 minutes. Swimmers will be assessed in each of the 4 strokes with a minimum proficiency base upon age as one of the criteria. Speed in itself is not a measurement to enter the team, although stamina is a positive point.

Swimmers train up to four days per week and will have the opportunity to compete in regional meets along with select competitors, having the chance to enter the Pacific Swimming Junior Olympics.


For more information, visit the Concierge Desk or contact Aquatics Director Mark Carter.


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