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We are excited to announce that your membership options have expanded across the bay. Leisure Sports, Inc. has signed an agreement with the Bay Club Company to merge five of our locations into the Bay Club portfolio and enter into a development relationship for future opportunities. 

Upon completion of the agreement, estimated to be January 2, 2019, the Bay Club will acquire Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek, The Studio in Danville, ClubSport Pleasanton, ClubSport Fremont, and ClubSport Oregon. Throughout this time of transition Leisure Sports, Inc. remains committed to the wellbeing of our staff and members. The associates of your property will become Bay Club associates – so you will continue to see the same friendly faces at your club in the months to come!


Complimentary Access in the Month of December
The Bay Club has multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, so if you’re one of the many who work on one side of the bridge and live on the other, you’ll have a whole new set of fitness and recreation options available. 

To kick off the partnership, we have agreed to offer complimentary reciprocal access December 10-31. This will allow you to check out the various Bay Clubs in the area. In order to access any of these the Bay Club locations, you will need to present your photo ID and your membership card or app barcode upon arrival. Contact your home club’s membership team for details and in the meantime, please see our current list of FAQs.


Learn More
Upon completion of the merger, Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek, The Studio in Danville, ClubSport Pleasanton and ClubSport Fremont will become part of what will be known as the Bay Club’s East Bay Campus and these locations will be included in new membership options should you choose to upgrade. To learn more about the Bay Club’s existing memberships: Executive Club North Bay, Executive Club South Bay and the Club West Collection please visit


Leisure Sports, Inc. Development
Leisure Sports, Inc. will continue to focus on the rollout of their Formula3 and REV32 concepts with a Formula3 studio opening in Lafayette, CA in early 2019. To learn about the new Formula3 brand, visit In addition, they are developing a social club in downtown San Jose, as announced in June 2018. They will also continue to be the owner and operator of the Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo.


Thank You
Leisure Sports Inc. is proud to have been an integral part of the communities we have served for over 40 years. It has been an honor to be part of your family’s story and to have you as part of ours. We have become stronger over the years by the great partnership between the clubs and our members. We are confident the Bay Club will continue in this tradition for years to come. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our Management Team.


Steve Gilmour
President & CEO 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We understand you may have questions regarding the change in management. We’ve prepared this FAQ to help address many of your concerns.

What is happening?

Leisure Sports Hospitality and the Bay Club Companies are two great hospitality companies with similar visions for providing an excellent product and services to our members. We believe that the combined organization will provide a better variety of options to our members and strengthen our family of outstanding clubs. 

Will my club be affected?

The following properties will fall under the Bay Club management:

  • ClubSport Pleasanton
  • ClubSport Fremont
  • ClubSport Oregon
  • Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek
  • The Studio Danville
When will this transaction take place?

January 2, 2019

What about Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo?

Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo will remain under the management of Leisure Sports.

What about ClubSport San Jose?

ClubSport San Jose will remain a ClubSport property. 

Where are the Bay Clubs?

Please visit and select “OUR CLUBS” to find information for regarding each of the Bay Club locations. 

How do I gain access to the various clubs as part of my membership?

For those interested in experiencing the Bay Club properties, complimentary reciprocal fitness access will be made available from December 10-31. Please note that specifics will be communicated closer to December 1, 2018. 

To check in at any of the Bay Club locations, members will need to simply present their photo ID and respective membership card or app access to their barcode upon arrival, after which they will complete a guest registration waiver. If they do not have a membership card, our membership team can issue a temporary card for the month of December. An official card will be required beginning January 2019. 

After the merger, Leisure Sports, Inc. members will have the opportunity to upgrade for access to other Bay Club locations including a new East Bay campus. For additional details on membership opportunities please visit 

What amenities are available at each club?

Please visit to find information for each location. A comprehensive list of amenities can be found from the Club home pages by selecting “OUR CLUBS”. 

Does my reciprocal use access include sports or discounts for services?

Reciprocal use access in December is intended to simply allow members to experience the Bay Club locations. If you would like to take advantage of a sport or amenity beyond that, please see your membership department to make prior arrangements.

Will my dues increase?

An annual dues increase has been a part of ensuring our clubs can maintain an expected standard of excellence. We anticipate the Bay Club will continue this philosophy in 2019.

Will my GoldPLUS membership be impacted?

The Bay Club has regional membership options that allow access to multiple club locations. The ClubSport properties that will be under the Bay Club management will be a part of a new regional membership option.

What if I prepaid dues or services with ClubSport? Will they be honored by The Bay Club?

Any prepaid dues or services will be honored.

Can I still use ClubSport gift cards, club bucks/rewards?

ClubSport gift cards will be honored. Rewards will expire December 31, 2018. We no longer have club bucks and those will not be honored.

Will the hours of operation change?

Not in the foreseeable future.

What happens to the ClubSport and Studio associates?

All ClubSport and Studio employees will be retained by the Bay Club. 

Will I receive reciprocal use at the Bay Club locations?

The Bay Club has many membership options that will allow for reciprocal use. For upcoming details, please visit  

What if I have a membership at both the Bay Club and Leisure Sports?

Upon completion of the purchase agreement terms, currently estimated for January 2, 2019, please reach out to your home club Membership Team and they will help you determine your best membership option. 

Who should I contact with further questions?

More information will be available in the coming weeks.