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Make waves in your fitness with exhilarating yet low-impact water workouts. Our beautiful resort-style aquatic center includes a lap pool, an exercise pool, a children's wading pool and splash park, and adult and kids' whirlpools. We offer private and group swim lessons as well as designated times for recreational and lap swimming.

Enroll in swimming lessons for adults or kids at ClubSport in Aliso Viejo.


Adult Swim


Join us for a weekly coached team swim workout with our TEAM ClubSport members. Free for all members. All swim levels invited. For more information contact TEAM ClubSport Head Coach, Carolyn Coleman at [email protected], or at (949) 330-5506.



Master’s Swim offers year-round coached adult swim workouts for intermediate and advanced fitness, triathlete, and competitive swimmers able to swim freestyle 300 yards continuously; includes interval workouts. Swim stroke knowledge and proficiency is suggested. Free for all members.



A water workout for all levels that includes cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises using a variety of buoyancy equipment. Free for all members.



A high energy all over body workout for all exercise levels including cardio, strengthening, interval training, and dance exercises.



Have you always been interested in getting in the pool for your workout but needed some brushing up on your strokes or breath work? This is the perfect class for you! This class will be held the first Saturday of the month. Limited to 10 participants.


Evolution Swim Academy is the complete novice swim program at Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo. Two-time Olympian and Evolution Swim Academy founder Felipe Delgado has created a fantastic curriculum that encompasses the entire aquatic learn-to-swim experience. Students ages three months and older will become safer and smarter swimmers through our in-house curriculum. Lessons are divided into three learning programs: Parent & Me, Intro to Gators, and Swim Lessons. Evolution Swim Academy also offers a novice swim team program.

To sign up and for more information, visit or contact us at (949) 388-4545.

Evolution Swim Academy Programs


Evolution Swim Academy offers nine learning levels within its swim lesson curriculum: four swim safety levels, one swim development level, and four stroke technique levels. Children who have successfully completed all lesson plans will be safer and smarter swimmers and will have a basic understanding of the four major swim strokes. Lessons are offered seasonally, and weather permitting. Typically offered February – November.

Private: $40/lesson
Semi-private: $25/lesson




Intro to Gators is a swim team program designed for the novice swimmer that possesses a working knowledge of three of the four major swim strokes. Participants meet one or two times per week for 45 minutes. Each practice is led by a coach that will work from the pool deck. Swimmers will work to refine all strokes while learning fundamentals to help them transition to a competitive swim team. For swimmers ages 5 and older. Typically runs March through November.

Once per week: $13.75/lesson




Parent & Me lessons are offered on a seasonal basis.

Water Bugs 1 — Open to students 3-18 months old. Six students per class on a first come first served basis. | Free. Offered seasonally. Typically runs April – August.

Water Bugs 1 (Saturdays) — Open to students 3-18 months old. Six students per class. Register online through  Typically runs April through September. | $17.50/lesson

Water Bugs 2 — Open to students 12-36 months old. Typically runs June through September. | $17.50/lesson



To sign up and for more information, visit or contact us at (949) 388-4545.

Pool Policies

Our policies are in place to ensure that all swimmers have a fun and safe time under the sun.

• Lifeguards are scheduled from 10:00am-6:00pm. Parents are required to watch their children at all times.

• Swim diapers are required for the little ones and are for sale at the pool bar and at R Spa for $2.50.

• Ten-minute safety breaks are required after every hour of activity for swimmers under the age of 12. This gives swimmers a chance to re-hydrate and use the facilities. Safety breaks occur at the top of every hour from 11:00am-5:00pm.

• Adults and children must walk on the deck at all times.

• No outside food is permitted.

• We ask that toys and balls stay at home. This ensures that all pool users enjoy a comfortable environment.

Keep Swimming

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