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Fitness should be an important part of any teen's daily routine. Our fitness programs geared for kids 12-17 years old are a healthy outlet that sharpen their body and mind while directing them toward a positive lifestyle. After completing a free one-hour TeenFit certification class, teens can use the Renaissance ClubSport fitness center without parental supervision.

TeenFit Certification

For teens 12-17 years old, we have the complimentary TeenFit certification program. TeenFit provides basic instruction on proper use of fitness equipment and gym etiquette. Once certified, teens will have the know-how necessary to get fit on their own or with other TeenFit-certified friends without parental supervision. Teens can sign up for TeenFit certification at the Activities Desk.

Appointment #1:

Overview, etiquette, and club policies

Appointment #2:

One-on-one personal training

Personal Training for Teens

Our personal trainers are experts at helping individuals of all fitness levels and ages reach their goals. Teens can push themselves with one-on-one training sessions or work out in a small group for added motivation and support.


Basic: $65 per hour
Elite: $85 per hour


Basic: $45 per teen
Elite: $65 per teen


Basic: $25 per teen
Elite: $45 per teen

Lead by Example

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